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Excursion reverse sensor wiring harness

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Wondering if someone can help me. I’ve been looking for a wiring harness for the reverse sensors. My previous owner replaced the rear bumper and discarded wiring harness for the sensors. He said he didn’t think he would need it anymore :frown2: I called our local Ford dealer and they don’t have any OEM parts. I looked at the usual online places, but no joy. Wondering if somebody could point me in a direction?
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Still looking if anyone sees something. Have a search saved on eBay if something pops up there.
have you found a harness for your reverse sensors??
have you found a harness for your reverse sensors??
Just took off the harness for my Excursion reverse sensors. Mine never worked even after changing out the sensors. However I cut the harness connector in order to tap into the power for some bumper fog lights. not sure if that works for you...
I appreciate that! Is the end that connects from the reverse sensors to the excursion there?
If you give me a couple of days I might be able to send you the entire harness with sensor connectors and the sensors themselves. The sensors i bought new and are only a few months old, just never worked and couldn't find out why... changing to an aftermarket bumper.
Thank you! That would be really awesome! Maybe shoot me an email [email protected] and we can work out details.
This is what I've got. Ill include the sensors which a few months old. Not sure why it never worked. All you have to do is match and splice back together from the harness.


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