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evap housing removal for cylinder head removal

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i am going to pull the heads on my 6.0 this weekend and i am wondering how to remove the evap housing from the firewall. it has to be easier than removing the cab, lol.
is there a video out there somewhere ?
thank you in advance
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thank you very much Twoicebergs.
i have all the a/c tools, vacuum pump and a 30 lbs jug of r134a.
do you know if there is a blend door issue on these trucks that i should address while im there?
2004 f350

i changed the a/c screen last year because it had weak a/c and weighed the refrigerant back into into it but it didnt change. i was thinking blend door or controls but never got that excited about it, lol.

very helpful info
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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