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ESOF not shifting

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I’ve got a manual 2000 F350 and I’ve been trying to get the 4x4 to work for a couple days now. When I bought it the shift motor was missing and when I pulled the switch during diagnostic checks I noticed the locking tab had been shaved down, so it looks like the last guy was wrestling with it is well. I’ve done a lot of research now into everybody else’s esof issues and want to get some feedback on if I’m coming to the right conclusions.

1. Installed brand new warn manual locking hubs, so I’m no longer concerned about vacuum issues.

2. Installed new TC shift motor, instalation required a manual shift to 4x4, once I mounted it and plugged in the wires the shift motor automatically clicked back to 2wd and hasnt moved since.

3. Manipulating the switch brings no response even after driving around and waiting the 45 seconds recommended in the manual.

4.All fuses test good, relays have been switch around in every combination with no result and have power.

5. bought a new switch which didn’t change anything so I returned it and kept the old one.There is power going to the switch.

6.All of this leads me to believe the GEM is my issue, but I’d like some confirmation before going out and buying one.
Key on engine off I don’t get the 4x4 light, it only comes on while cranking the engine and then shuts off. My auto roll down window switch works and rolls all the way down. The door chime goes off with the key in the ignition, but not without it. My cab lights switch-on manually, but don’t come on when the doors open.
I took it to a mechanic with a snap on trader to read the GEM and got the following codes from reading the memory.

B1352- ignition key circuit fault
B1371- illuminated entry relay cool fault
B1318- low battery voltage at module (I believe this was from a couple weeks ago when I let the truck sit and killed the batteries)
P1832-transfer case lockup differential circuit fault
P1867-transfer case lockup circuit fault (I think this is from when I was testing the power in the plugs with the engine on)
P1828-transfer case counter clockwise shift relay circuit fault (looking this one up specifically on code reading websites say it’s specifically a GEM issue(
P1820-transfer case clockwise shift relay circuit fault
P1812-4wd mode switch select circuit fault (pretty sure this one was from swapping switch with the truck on)

I had him clear the codes and am currently driving the truck to see what comes back up before taking the truck back to see what codes stick.

So any advice on if I’m on the right track or missed something would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Swap in a manual t-case and be done with're halfway there !
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