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Can somebody help me out with which contact plates (a,b,c,d) should be open and which ones should be closed in which transfer case position (2wd, 4 high, 4low). This info would help me a lot!

Also in my esof trouble shooting I have noticed my scanner always shows my 4wd switch position as (OFF) no matter what position the switch is in. I looked in my scanner reference manual and it states the 4wd switch position should state a range like 4hi, 4low ect... I have ohmed the switch and checked the wires to the gem for opens and shorts. Is the pid just stating the esof is disabled? Any input would be great!!! Also my gem shows no codes present unless I run the KOEO test with the 4wd switch in any position other that 2hi. Thanks! This ESOF is driving me nuts!!!
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