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Was blowing small amounts of fluid from degas,took it in to Drew Ford (horrible service)

And got back 3 pages of balh blah blah

PVT fail (head Gaskets)
Fuel pres 50 psi (i did blue Sping)

well all said and done there quote is $7K

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only has 90,000 miles on it POS

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So you trust some person that you specifically said has horrible service... My Bet would go to they are trying to screw you!!!!

#1. The quote is TOO HIGH
#2. WHAT EXACTLY is wrong with the injectors
#3. Figure out FP by yourself... 50 psi is not bad and can be driven on!
#4. You will do yourself a HUGE favor if you take it out of that shop ASAP and take it to a shop that specializes in the 6.0 diesel.!!!

You could just have a leaking EGR cooler ($200-300) and they want to bend you over:eek:hnoes:
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