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Hi there,
This is my first time posting on here... seem to be having a serious issue here and can’t figure what’s happened, it’s driving me mad!
So I got a 1998 e350 with the 7.3 in it, she been running just fine, in fact great. Got 482k on the clock.

so I was leaking diesel fuel like mad, dripping down the back side of the valley, after a bit of research I figured it had to be the drain valve and sure enough it was. I took the fuel bowl out to get better access and be able to change the o rings easily, of course I changed the rest whilst I was at it too.
after firing her up again she ran really rough but was sure that it was just working air our the system... however it got worse and I ended noticing the fuel bowl was draining and a fuel knock... so I took the lines off and replaced those Orings too to make sure it wasn’t pulling any air in that way.
Since firing it up again after that and letting her idle she slowly started bogging down more and more and knock louder and louder until she stalled and now won’t get running again... she‘ll fire and then stalk straight away.... and seems the fuel bowl is still going down?!?!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! 🙏
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