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I am in the market for a F250 or F350 CC 4x4. The dilemma is which engine? It will primarily be used as a daily driver, and will not be abused. I only drive 10 miles one-way to work; 8 miles is at 65 mph on the highway, and 2 miles are 30 mph city traffic. It will tow a gooseneck trailer, varying loads, a few times a year.

My father (owns a 1995 Powerstroke) thinks that this will be hard on the diesel engine as it would not really get completely warmed up in that short drive on my regular commute. Is this a legitimate concern, or do the 6.0's warm up quicker than the old 7.3's? If this is a concern, are there remote starters that can be set on a timer to start the truck 10 minutes before I leave for work and before I leave work to help get the engine temperature up where it needs to be every day?

Depending on who I talk to, I hear that the V10 sucks hard on the gas and is unreliable, others state that the V10 is easy on gas (15 mpg empty) and a wonderful engine. Some say that the 5.4 is horribly weak, others say it is a great engine and under-rated.

With all the information on the internet, I am understandably confused. I would prefer to have a diesel, as I grew up with them, but don't want to get one if my commute will greatly shorten the lifespan of a diesel. I do not plan on doing any mods on whatever I get, except for mods like the EGR delete on the 6.0's.

ETA: I currently drive a 2002 F150 with the 4.6

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7.3 will be good or the 6.0. if its the 6.0 get a 05 up since most of the bugs are fixed. plus less miles.

10mi is way pleany for warm ups, about half that it will reach opt temp. i drive 2 mi down a county road then its all hwy for about 10 mi b4 i hit the city limits and the city driving begins.

hard.. no these engines are built for hard and can take it. as long you take care of it and keep up the maintance. therefore in the long run, you will have low repair cost.

for the warm up, at lease 1 min to build up the oil pressure and get the glow plugs a chance to turn off. after that, its fine.

i dont have a v10 or had one b4. had the 5.4 gas tho. and the v10s suck more gas for some reason. the 5.4 is a good engine for light work. the heavy work is great for the powerstroke.

now the 4.6 will show its limits for being an underpowered engine and in a half ton.

btw :welcome1: to the org. :thumb:
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