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engine fan

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on my 06 is the fan suppose run all the time
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Is it supposed to spin? Yes. Is it supposed to be fully engaged all the time? No.

Not sure if that makes sense or not, but the fan clutch engages when coolant temp hits a certain number and you can hear the fan come on. But it will spin 100% of the time regardless.
Copy/paste from Bismic.

Engine temperature is not the only parameter that the PCM monitors to determine cooling fan operation. This is the reason that you will see some variation in engine temperature as it correlates to fan operation. The operation/description of the FSS (Fan Speed Sensor) from the PC/ED manual has a fairly good explanation as to how the system "thinks". This is not your traditional engine hits temp X and the fan clutch locks up. The fan speed sensor is a Hall-Effect sensor integral to the vistronic drive fan (VDF). The powertrain control module (PCM) will monitor sensor inputs and control the VDF speed based upon engine coolant temperature (ECT), transmission fluid temperature (TFT) and intake air temperature (IAT) requirements. When an increase in fan speed for vehicle cooling is requested, the PCM will monitor the FSS signal and output the required pulse width modulated (PWM) signal to a fluid port valve within the VDF.

Start simple with going over the wire harness.

Check out post #36 from Deltajohn.

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It runs all the time, just different RPM levels for different parameters being met.

Like at idle, it can be at 400 RPMs.
now that i understand thanks
Here is what the internals look like.

And here is a demo of the coil.

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