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I thought this project would be kinda fun as I'd seen a lot of these done on Jeep forums and Rover sites but haven't seen very many done to full size trucks. Basically what I'm building is a safari basket for my truck that is made out of electrical metal tubing (metal conduit). It's super cheap and relatively strong for it's weight. I opted to use 3/4" tubing and instead of bending the corners I purchased the pre-bent corners and connectors. If you have a bender and are really good forgoing the prebent corners will save you some moola. One upside to using the connectors is that they hold everything squared while it's being welded. So here's what it looked like after the pipe was welded together and a piece of scrap steel was welded to the front as an air dam and some light brackets were welded to the sides and top for the lighting.

Table Automotive exterior Furniture Vehicle Metal

Next I painted the rack with a few coats of textured bedliner paint

Product Furniture Table Iron Rectangle

Next I attached the light bar and the side lights
Table Furniture Electronic instrument

Table Furniture Room Iron Kitchen & dining room table

Currently I'm wiring all the lights to the rack and hopefully in the next week I'll have the truck wired up and can post some more pics!
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