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I have a 99 f250 4 door and my driver window won't roll down. I replaced the motor and all it does is make a "click" noise at the fuse box. The relay seems to be good. Also the power door locks won't go all the way up or down when you hit the button. They try to move but won't go all the way on all 4 doors. Any suggestions?? Thanks
I had the same problem & it was numerous things.
1 the switch
2. the relay was bad
3. the fuse panel was toast for whatever reason
4. the actuator was bad

there are fixes for the actuator u can try 1st I will see if I can find the link.
switches have been pretty cheap on ebay.
I have a spare working fuse panel

btw :ORG welcome:

Hope u can find the problem, at least its winter, mine went south in the summer & it was hot..........:doh:

here u go, i used this link.....
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