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I have a 2003.

I bought an insight CTS and was getting the codes P0488 and P0407. Both EGR related, so I pulled the EGR cleaned it up and put it back in, I'm still getting the same codes. The truck drives fine except for:

When I pulled it it was slightly damp, not wet just sticky. I had attributed this to leaving it unbolted overnight during some rain and high humidity. I just pulled it again after a week and it was slightly wet.

At higher speeds (70-75) the biggest difference in EOT and ECT was 16 degrees. That was flooring it to pass people. Other wise it was steady around 10-12 degree difference. This was on a 70 mile trip and a 98 degree ambient temperature.

I've done that same trip 8 times since then and my difference has been between 10-15, depending on wind, slight hills etc. I'm driving through central Illinois so there isn't much variance.

The highest ECT I've seen was 196 and the highest EOT was 205. Normal driving in the 90 degree ambient over the last few days was 188-190 ECT and 202-205 EOT.

During the last two trips I ran diesel kleen because it was suggested that the wet EGR was unburnt fuel. I pulled the EGR valve and it was dry, I also jacked up the rear end of the truck over night. There was no pooling of coolant in the intake manifold, however it did have a slightly wet appearance.

I also have the orange EGR cooler hose which appears to have a slight leak on it.

I'm not getting any smoke and I haven't noticed any coolant loss. I'm thinking a good coolant flush will be my first step, any other opinions?

Here is a pic of when I first pulled it.
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