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Sooooo I updated my edge fusion software today 11/5/15, and had the CTS plugged in for the update. I thought I was going to have more PIDs to choose from. Plugged it back into my pick up fired up; had to input the fuel type and engine size. Thought that was pretty cool.

Get the screen that says it is connected to a different vehicle from last time so has to reboot. Strange I think. Had to input my VIN again. Finally gets connected and all my maintenance manager items have been erased. Eh I'll just change everything sooner than needed.

Look at the PIDs menu and see that the FICM, TFT, EOT are no longer an option. Basicall the only things to choose from are Vehicle Speed, Corrected vehicle speed, Couple G-force measurements, Engine Load, run time, mpg and ECT.

Hoping this is a joke while the disclaimer displays upon startup.:please:
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