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Edge Insight CTS Mounting

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Hey boys I know this has been talked about before but I recently installed an Edge Insight CTS and got my pod today in the mail. I went to test fit it and it fits like crap and it hits the grab bar. Not to mention it seems like its going to be a pain in the arse to see, it faces straight out out over the left hand vent and it seems like its going to be out of my field of vision. Anybody modify the Edge pod for a 2005 F350 so that it fits set back just behind the stock cluster?? Any pics or suggestions would be great... I know I have to shape it anyways but it doesnt seem like a good place to mount.
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Same thing here....I got pissed and just used the supplied mount.
Are you talking about the dash mount?

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I am...the one that fits over the l/s air vent.
I bought the dash pod mount for the h&s tuner, modifies the suction cup mount on the cts and bolted it to the h&s minni maxx adapter. Fits nicely.

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I'm going to begin shaping the pod later today. Ill snap some pics as I go. I wanna use a pod so it doesn't temp a crack head to try and steal it like its a GPS. I gutta paint it too. What's everyone using for paint
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