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I'm currently using my edge evo to monitor, and have a SCT with IDP tunes.

I was on a long road trip before getting the SCT and used the tire adjustment feature on the Edge to "tune" so that my speedometer was within 0.5% :D i'm a mech. eng... i like numbers...

my quesiton, now that i have the Edge set to 0 for stock, does/can i use the tire size adjustment to re-calc the tire size. i've made the adjustment in the SCT, and when i look at the vehical speed via the edge, it shows dead on to what i've calcuated me speed to be via milemarkers, however my speedometer is off...slightly.

I calculated we were doing 68.3 mph, the edge showed 68 mph, the speedometer showed 70mph. I am guessing this is due to variation in the speedometer.

bottom line to this long post: Can the tire adjustment on the Edge Evolution be utilized while on the "stock" 0 setting?
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