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Hello all,

I did a search of the group here and could not exactly find what I am looking for.

I currently run an Edge Evolution CS2 in my 2002 7.3PSD F350. It seems to do what I want, other than the weird shift points and hard shifting.

Regardless, I looked on Edge's website but I could not figure out a difference between CS2 and CTS2 other than the looks and more gauges.

Are there any performance differences?

Also, it appears the CTS2 will allow a backup camera, if you can happen to suggest one, that would be nice, but off topic.

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If you found an old evo evo or old edge evo II not the evolution the tuning is OK at best. the newer models will make quick work of a stock transmission.

Most people run the php hydra chip and run either pillar gauges or the edge INSIGHT cs2 or cts2.

I run the php hydra chip and the edge insight cs2 for monitoring the cts2 just has a larger screen and backup camera ability etc.
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