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So what kinda ECT/EOT's y'all runnin...?
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Hum, Im in CT so its cold as balls i usually run 182-184 ECT but my EOT stays around 94-97... :/?... Why is that...? (forgive the newb)
I have the SCT 8900... Is there anyway that I can try and narrow it down to something... If it was a bad cooler then wouldn't the temps be sky rocketed...?
If it was a bad sensor wouldn't it throw on the check engine light...?
But that doesn't explain an 80 degree delta between the two... Unless it's just because the losses to ambient being its always max 32 degrees causes the cooler outlet to be that low...
I saw in another post that the coolant should not be green as it is in typical gas engines... When I was messin around the other day and pulled a radiator hose the coolant running out was green... Do a distiller water flush... And replace?
Haha that's where I initially saw the post... Yea there's way more then I wanna know... I would ask what coolant y'all recommend but I'll do a search... Y'all can reply with it if you want...
I agree there is no way... I am a mechanic for a submarine my main job is propulsion so I own all the oil systems and I'm used to way more... Obviously my truck ain't a submarine but from sure friction and block heat alone the temps should be way higher...
I'll check tomorrow when I leave work and get back to u about the start up temp
Oil temp after all night sitting on my SCT 8900 reads a little warmer then burnt which is from 30-40... I think it's the sensor it's the only thing that makes sense..
The who knows part is what I'm scared of...
1 - 11 of 23 Posts
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