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Some years back I fitted a OilGuard sub micron Bypass filtration kit to my Aussie (Brazilian built) RHD 7.3 power stroke, and had 3 extra filters sent over with the kit.

Here I am some years later and I've used the last of the 3 spare filters, and need to get more.

EPS-20F Replacement Filter Element (Single)

The Oilguard site sends me to this link.

It seems crazy to be importing one by air from the USA just for an oil change.

Does anyone know where in Oz I can buy one of these suckers?

I went to order one online from USA from the above link / site, but they don't take pay pal and I don't do credit cards.

I'm figuring I'm likely not the only guy in Oz with a F 250 7.3 and bypass filtering from Oilguard, so thought maybe one of the big filter co's downunder would carry a few in stock maybe?.

Anyone downunder come across a supplier please?

At this rate I'll have to get her indoors to knit me one outta cotton string! :doh:

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