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ECM Tuning for 2020 6.7

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Does anyone know of a tuner who has been able to design reflash tunes for the 2020 powerstroke yet? Looking for ECM and Transmission. If not, does anyone know of a company that has some in the works?
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Not to hi-jack, but hopefully revive...has anyone just bought a new ECM and had it tuned? That’s my line of thought at this point. It seems that the days of handheld tuners with downloaded tunes are going the way of the Buffalo. It looks to me that a oem Ford ECM will run about $650 for a 2020, and from what I can tell should be plug and play for the truck- no dealership needed to flash/format. If that’s the case, I’ll leave my stock ECM exactly that, and just send in the new one for tuning. If I’m not mistaken, any flash done at the dealership will wipe the tunes, effectively pissing away the time and money spent wringing out the extra power. If the truck does have a problem, I’ll plug my stock brain back in, keeping my expensive a$$ tunes safe and sound from the evil dealer flash. Is this logical thinking, or am I missing something? I do realize that that is an extra expense with the spare ecm, but it’s cheaper than what most decent handheld tuners would cost for a 15’-19’. Any suggestions on where to get the flash? I’m seeing most offering 100hp gains with emissions intact, which I do intend to keep, but the more the merrier...until it breaks. I’m ok with a respectable, but safe, level of improvement. I have seen some dyno figures posted that sound very suspect. The truck is rated at 475/1050, so to see stock numbers at 471/1068 makes me call bs on the tuned gains. TFL put a stock 19’ and 20’ on a dyno, and while impressive, the 2020 didn’t put down numbers like that. Perhaps the dyno was just badly out of calibration. Does anyone know of any real-world un-inflated tunes numbers? Thanks to all who reply in advance.
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Any PCM (or module I'd say) that you buy from a dealer will need to be flashed/programmed thru the Ford IDS or equivalent system. So it's not going to plug-n-play out the box. You don't have a bad idea, it's just going to need a bit more work or other modules such as the TCM to get the tuning that supports all functions.

BTW I did what you are talking about with my old 6.0L PCM and FICM. I had a spare set "just in case" I needed to swap out for some reason.
It’s funny you mentioned the 6-oh. My 07’ was partly the inspiration behind the thinking. If I were one to list all the vehicles I’ve owned in my signature line it would take up half a page on diesels alone! I’ll be making a call tomorrow to verify, but what I was told yesterday is that the ecm is strictly for fuel and air mapping, and that all the 2020 250 and 350 6.7s get the same program from the factory. If it does have to be formatted, I think I’ll get it done when it goes in for the camera recall and alignment. As for the trans tuning, I do realize that’s a separate program, and I hope to obtain that through whom ever writes the ecm tunes. The truck does run pretty strong stock, but the flat spots are pretty irritating, and I’ve experienced what I would call dead pedal on numerous occasions when trying to suddenly accelerate when it’s between gears. It doesn’t know what to do for a couple of seconds.
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