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ECM Tuning for 2020 6.7

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Does anyone know of a tuner who has been able to design reflash tunes for the 2020 powerstroke yet? Looking for ECM and Transmission. If not, does anyone know of a company that has some in the works?
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Thanks guys, guess it'll be a waiting game forn now.

It'll be nice to be able to put a SOTF tune on it via EZLYNK like my previous powerstroke...
Interesting, looks like Ill be waiting to see when the OBD flash gets worked out...hopefully.
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Yes, we do now have tuning complete along with TCM tuning, but it is not cheap and requires you to send in your ECM as these computers are very similar to the L5P Duramax. Not sure when we'll have OBD flash capabilities yet though.

So for now, price is $2995. I don't have it on the website yet as I have been extremely busy.

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With a PCM reflash are you guys seeing significant gains with this new turbo then? Curious how it compaires to the OBD reflash adding 150-200 hp on the 2017-2019...
It's a poorly built turbo. Weak, like the 11-14 turbos. Again this is what I have heard from Charlie at KC Turbos if I remember correctly.

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I thought the issues with the 11-14 turbos were the crap ceramic bearings and small wheel spinning too high on tuned engines...

Everything I've read and seen so far says the new turbo has a bigger compressor wheel, better built/lubricated bearing (watch the attached video to see how SPE upgraded the 17-19 OEM bearing), and is electronically actuated (help with cold weather control). All that sounds like more R&D and a better product to me. As with all things though, time will tell.

Also, this doesn't even mention the fact that it has a longer powerband when back to back dyno graphs are compared between a 17-19 and a 20.

According to this, they look pretty impressive.

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What is that graph from? Also, I cant make out what it says.
Sorry it’s so blurry, not sure why it’s like that. It’s from a 2020 on a diet. [email protected] with [email protected] rpm. Stock showed [email protected] with [email protected] CF on the graph shows uncorrected.

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Thanks for that!

603 hp tunes on a diet is plenty to work with for me not to mention that nice power band!

It'll be amazing when they have that reflash able through an OBD via EZLYNK.
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