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ECM Tuning for 2020 6.7

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Does anyone know of a tuner who has been able to design reflash tunes for the 2020 powerstroke yet? Looking for ECM and Transmission. If not, does anyone know of a company that has some in the works?
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Seems as they got the TCM stuff in the works right now. PCM tuning isn't out yet.
Holy snack crackers.............................................................
Well if you want to be first it's gonna be expensive.....LOL
So I recall the PCM and TCM as two separate modules. Does one remove both modules for bench flashing (at this point)??
That's quite it a hardware problem or a software problem??? Not very well built needs to be expanded on.
Any PCM (or module I'd say) that you buy from a dealer will need to be flashed/programmed thru the Ford IDS or equivalent system. So it's not going to plug-n-play out the box. You don't have a bad idea, it's just going to need a bit more work or other modules such as the TCM to get the tuning that supports all functions.

BTW I did what you are talking about with my old 6.0L PCM and FICM. I had a spare set "just in case" I needed to swap out for some reason.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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