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Hi all,

Here is a little bit of a back story first. (2002 F250 7.3 107,000 miles) Over the past summer I replaced the leaky uppipes, rebuilt the turbo (changing o-rings) and added the wicked wheel. I also upgraded to the Donaldson 6637 air filter. All is good, the truck has more power and sounds great.

Last winter before all these upgrades, the truck always made a hissing noise during cold start idle and also would sometimes make a hissing sound while driving. I'm fairly confident this was the EBPV closing getting the truck warmed up. Now to this winter... the truck does not make a hissing noise during a cold start idle. When driving cold, the truck now sounds like it is trying to make a hissing noise (it sounds awful). It is like a screeching noise almost. This sound goes away when the truck is at operating temperature.

My guess, is the EBPV butterfly may be stuck. Is there anyway to diagnose this and fix this without tearing into the truck too much? Any other ideas or thoughts?

Thank you all in advance!
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