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EBPV gut, and turbo pedestal upgrade. EGT question. with pics

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I'm gutting my EBPV and replacing my pedestal with a non ebpv model.

While gutting the ebpv I was thinking, would it be a good location for an egt sending unit?

I've never installed an egt sensor, so I don't know how large they are, or what the recommended location is. I think I've heard of the DP being a good spot for one. But since I have a hole to fill in the EBPV, could I stick a sending unit in there?

Or is this location not going to provide an accurate reading?


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I took off the line and sensor ( and sawed off the sensor mount....mounted the fuel pressure regulator to the bracket when I did e-fuel) and sent off and got a "Dongle" to plug into the sensor tells the 'puter you have 10-11 lbs backpressure all the more probs.......
I've been sitting here at work looking at threads all day about this and one of them explained that the PCM used EBP readings to help determine load. That would modify shift schedules and fueling. I'll try and get at that thread cause it was on one of those diesel programmer forums and looked reputable (but dont take this as first hand testimony cause he could be smoking).

Here it is:
PHP has a great reputation so they're as likely as anyone to know.
For an unknown amount of time I have been running with mine completely blocked. And getting 18-25mpg, lol. He does say it will have an impact on the 7.3l, but it doesn't seem to be a big one. Maybe the auto trans guys might notice a difference with shift scheduling??
I thought the MAP is what determines load for the PCM.
The MAP and lots of other things.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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