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EBPV gut, and turbo pedestal upgrade. EGT question. with pics

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I'm gutting my EBPV and replacing my pedestal with a non ebpv model.

While gutting the ebpv I was thinking, would it be a good location for an egt sending unit?

I've never installed an egt sensor, so I don't know how large they are, or what the recommended location is. I think I've heard of the DP being a good spot for one. But since I have a hole to fill in the EBPV, could I stick a sending unit in there?

Or is this location not going to provide an accurate reading?


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egt can bw more than 100 degrees colder post turbo. gutting the pedestal is easy. plug the hole in the ebpv with a 3/4 inch freeze plug. i got mine for 50 cents at carquest
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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