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EBPV gut, and turbo pedestal upgrade. EGT question. with pics

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I'm gutting my EBPV and replacing my pedestal with a non ebpv model.

While gutting the ebpv I was thinking, would it be a good location for an egt sending unit?

I've never installed an egt sensor, so I don't know how large they are, or what the recommended location is. I think I've heard of the DP being a good spot for one. But since I have a hole to fill in the EBPV, could I stick a sending unit in there?

Or is this location not going to provide an accurate reading?


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I just did the same thing, gutted the pedestal, and I had it WELDED up, by a good aluminum welder...there are 4 passages :

1 - the solenoid (vertical) shaft - weld it closed (remove nut - pull solenoid out)
2 - the long sloted area over the drain-back passage - weld it up, being careful not restrict it
3 - the tiny round hole - this is a PRESSURE port into the cylinder cavity that you sawzalled off - weld it shut.
4 - small rectangular hole just above pressure port - weld it shut.

that will, (and in fact DID it for me) do it for leaks and LOTS more room to get at the pesky passenger's-side rear pedestal bolt. :D
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nope, it's not a vent, it's the RETURN side of the just drains back into the engine...and it is why the cylinder leaks like a biotch when the seal on the end of the rod goes out.....
I took off the line and sensor ( and sawed off the sensor mount....mounted the fuel pressure regulator to the bracket when I did e-fuel) and sent off and got a "Dongle" to plug into the sensor tells the 'puter you have 10-11 lbs backpressure all the more probs.......
if you go back and re-read that article by Bill Cohron, you'll find that he was talking about a 6.0 liter ford, not a 7.3.... :

"On a 6.0L, a clogged EBP Sensor/Tube will have a SIGNIFICANT effect on performance when you use a Non-Inferred EBP strategy. On a 7.3L, an EBP sensor can have a similar effect as the ECM uses EBP as a means to determine calculations for Load (which handle shifting) and for fuel control. While the truck will run fine with an EBP sensor that is clogged, it is not going to be operating at peak. "

when you add a modern chip, I believe the chip changes that function, but I'm not sure of that.....

I've been running a Dongle for a couple years with no problems...... I only get about 11 mpg, but I'm towing 20,000 combined gross.....
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