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Hey, new guy/lurker here. I've poked around a fair bit across this site and others regarding this issue as it caught me off guard when I completed my Turbo Rebuild/Upgrade/EBPV delete at work yesterday. I haven't seen this method mentioned. Granted I'm not going to dig super deep to see if I'm repeating something obvious after my searching failed to turn up this result.

After a painfully long day yesterday I was dismayed to see that the ECU generated a CEL after completing the work.
Using my $11.00 Chinese Dongel ( Try saying that around non-motorheads) and Car Gauge App( Again, thanks to I found that the EBPV sensor circuit was of course open and it's something the ECU cares about in this particular unit.

My first thought was to ohm out the solenoid, solder the appropriate resistor in and call it done. I then saw that someone out there sells Dongels (heh.) for like $40.00 to resolve the SES issue. I'm in the wrong business.

I removed the solenoid from the old pedestal, plugged it in and secured it down in the valley where nobody will see it. It's an output and will just do it's thing sans oil/fluid. Plus it's free.

Hope this helps, again, sorry if this is a known.
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