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Ebay heim joint fix questions

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I had my truck apart rebuilding the steering column (word to the wise... just buy a column from the wrecking yard) and decided to tackle this job as well since I have had some problems shifting for a while now, mostly while trying to grab reverse.
Long story short now I can't drive my truck because the clutch is not fully disengaging. The seller of the heim joint was no help at all, so I'm up to devising my own solution to the problem and I have a couple ideas...

Option A- pry the swing arm off the end of the clutch pedal shaft again and shift it 1-2 teeth to see if I can get enough throw to disengage the clutch

Option B (preferred) buy a threaded heim joint from McMaster-Carr, run a die on the master cylinder shaft and have an infinitely adjustable clutch setup that should solve my problem. The heim joint from McMaster Carr is only $4... I'm going to try and get the Ebay seller to let me return the one I bought.

Does anyone have other suggestions or see any flaws in my plan?
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