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I have an early 7.3 with 515,000 on it. It would run rough when it's cold and smooth out after warming up. Last trip I was out it had gotten weak on hills, so I decided it was time to do soemthing. My scanner wouldn't read motor cold so I got a mechanic with a break out box hook up to it. Cold #2,3,5 and 8 weren't hitting. I replaced these injectors with brand new Alliant ones along with uvch and gaskets. I got it started and it sounded better but when I buzz tested injectors these codes showed up 1278,1275,1273 and 1272.
Motor doesn't appear to be missing. I haven't driven it yet but am suprised al the new ones show a problem and the old ones don't.
I guess I will drive it before removing valve cover agian.
Anyone ever experienced this?
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