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E'99 PCM into '02 - will it work?

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I have both an E'99 and an '02 F250s, both have 7.3L PSD and 6spd trans, 4x4, XLT pw/pl/cruise/AC.

The E'99 is currently not used, parked, awaiting its transformation/drivetrain swap into the Extended crew cab project, but has a DP Tuner, and ran well when parked.

The '02 is stock other than 4" straight exhaust, and it shows... putting the DP Tuner in it would really wake it up. I have gauges to put in, and a 6637 air filter.

I've heard that a later PCM can be swapped into an E"99 truck as an upgrade, but could I take the PCM and DP Tuner from the E'99 and put it in the '02 with no issues? Would it hurt to try?

Maybe a call to Jody Tipton is in order...

Duplicate thread... not sure how that happened. Mods may delete.
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