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Hi everyone,
I got my TD about 4 months ago and have been reading here since then.
BTW, Great forum. I joined today as I really need some help. My truck has been acting funny, rough idle, white smoke and the smell of unburnt diesel. The other day i parked it and now it doesn't run at all. From all the reading most say that this issue can lead to a CPS issue. I had replaced it with an international 1876736c91 and still no start. (Yes the Tach moves) The truck gets tons of fuel. Replaced filter and cranked with yellow valve open. all good. I had checked all connections plugs ect and still nothing. then i had banged on the PCM and the truck started. Shut it off and no start. Banged again start now has never ran since. cleaned the contacts, no go. I'm almost sure it is a bad PCM but not 100%. I'm guessing there is no way to test it? don't have access to a scanner. If It is it and I have to buy one, I been reading since it's an E99 3/98 XLE4 there is an upgrade that is plug and play?
If i buy one I sure would like to get something better than stock. Don't really want to chip it and also buy PCM. Not sure if Old PCM can be fixed and modded? Place to get it done? Get PMT 1,2 or 3 have any gains and are plug and play?
Would like a little pick me up mod as it is kind of a slug.
I need to get my truck going and be able to get back to work.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Paul in FL

Application E99 F350 TD Long bed 2wd Auto w/ XLE4 PCM Stock except with K&M Filter. 170K Mi
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