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Hello Y'all, Ive been on and off this site for years. I bought an XLT '97 PSD 4x4 CCLB back in '08. I kept it for a year while I was building my house, then sold it. I've owned a lot of trucks over the years, but that one was my favorite! Recently I was looking for new trucks, when a '95 PSD 4x4 CCLB XL showed up. $4,000 later she was mine. I've put about 2 grand in wheels tires (crags list) fluid changes, all around brakes and a few must fix mechanicals for a somewhat cared for 300,000 mile 7.3L. She runs great, but the tranny is having a bit of trouble.

The tranny was replaced by ford 3 years ago (I have all these receipts), then rebuilt 13 mos. later out of warranty, then rebuilt again 8 mos. ago.

right now what it does is;
Overnight on next morning start-up will shift first, to second, then stay there. It will not shift passed 2nd until about a 10 mile warm up. At warm up 10 miles, if you come to a complete stop, it will start to shift and is fine as long as you don't hot rod it. It does it's normal stock E4OD crazy quick shifting dumps, but down shifts and seems to work fine. A local diesel shop said that it is slipping in OD, and needs to be replaced. They think that the morning shift problem is due to low line pressure. Once the oil warms up, it has enough pressure to shift out of second. The OD light does not ever blink. I've checked and cleaned the VSS, and don't have any speedo bounce. Even if the truck sits a full day, and I jump back to drive it, it will shift just fine. It's only after a good 12 hours that it won't shift.
I've tried manually shifting it, and this seems to make it shift sooner than the ten mile usual warm up.

Hot rodding it once it gets into second (after warm up) makes the engine light come on, and loose a bunch of power. It will still hold 70MPH on the interstate, but takes a lot of "go" pedal. Once you shut it off, it clears the code and runs, and shifts fine.

Do I need a new tranny? Ive searched a lot, and haven't come across anyone with a similar problem. Thanks for your help.

Great forum.

P.S. truck is completely stock with 20x10" 275x65x20" wheels, and tires. The truck did this with the stock 16" work truck rims it used to have on there as well.

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