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2000 F250 4x4 PSD 7.3L
in so. cal.

got a few codes that im not sure how to approach.

any suggestions on what to do. im fairly new to the PSD world i do have a cummin in my Dodge but i thought the PSD would be better for towing.

was i wrong?

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When it comes to any DCT codes, Google & Read ;)

P0673 Glow plug #3 failure Open/shorted circuit, faulty glow plug, failed GPCM (this is pretty self explanatory...)


P0472 Exhaust back pressure sensor circuit low input Open/grounded circuit, biased sensor, PCM
P0475 Exhaust pressure control valve malfunction Open/grounded ckt., solenoid open/shorted, failed PCM

Have a look at this (the kid's a little "long-winded" but, it would be a good place to start ;) ) ->
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