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New Officials for DS.

  • NIT2WN(Director), Redneckabbott(A. Director), Sickstroke6.0(Historian)

    Votes: 13 100.0%
  • I do not agree with those Persons

    Votes: 0 0.0%

DS Officials Poll

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Here is the poll for the new Officials. If you agree/disagree please vote and voice your opinion.

Since the nominations were pretty much unanimous I made the poll like this.
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Kinda weird to vote for yourself. Good thing I'm not a politician.
It was lack of options, just hope it wasn't as bad as Obama. If I get that bad, someone speak up before our chapter gets as bad as this country.
You will be great.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, maybe I'll be ok.
Well since this year isn't far from gone, we need to have at least 5 of us show up in one place to keep us ''official''. Any suggestions or ideas?
What's the latest they race up there? [end of season]
I'm game for anywhere, kinda prefer in Al. but even Tennessee is an option. I just want to get a g2g to keep us in tact as a chapter.
His wife didn't cover him up with the tractor after all.
Morning, afternoon, and or good evening. Glad to see you still around. You're not the only one buried with work and stuff. I decided to pay off some bills last year while the ot was there and pretty much disappeared. Good news with that is the Superduty is paid for, no credit card balances until I had to charge the work done on it today and I've bought tools and stuff that I normally couldn't afford.
1 - 8 of 27 Posts
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