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Just bought a 2015 F-350 Super Duty Powerstroke with the factory tow package installed. Great truck!

But I have a question about one setting in the Driver Assist mode.

There are two features that I can activate: Backup assistance and some sort of pressure setting that has to do with trailer braking.

I'm offered three settings: Low, Medium, and High.

But there's nothing in the owners manual or anywhere else that I can find that states exactly what that means.

Does that refer to how much pressure I have to put on the truck brake pedal in order for the trailer brakes to engage? So, if the setting is on High, will I have to press on the brake pedal harder before the trailer brakes engage?

Or does that refer to how much pressure is applied to the trailer brakes when I step on the truck brake pedal? So there will be a the greatest possible pressure applied from the trailer brakes?

Anyone able to clarify that for me, please?

Thanks so much!

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