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My wife and I are planning a cross country camping trip this summer and I have begun gathering parts for certain weak parts on my truck among them is the front end steering and suspension. I am not a mechanically intuitive guy and will be having a local shop install the parts however the parts they are going to be replacing are all MOOG and I was told by a friend of mine that MOOG parts have gone downhill in quality and he recommended MEVOTECH. I have searched for some local off-road shops for a suitable replacement that would be better quality. My question is does anyone have the time to give me recommendations on if they have heard the same info about MOOG or if I should look elsewhere and what brands might involve for the following parts. These are for a 2011 f250 with what appears to be a 2" lift/level on the front. I am not taking the truck offroad or anything just want the best reliable parts so I don't have to replace them again in 30k miles.

DS300039-- Drak Link
MEF355-- Drag Link
DS300045-- Track bar & arm front
K500262-- Ball joint
DS300008-- Outer Tie rod end right side outer
K750363-- Sway bar link/kit
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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