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This is driving me Bat **** Crazy, my DOOR AJAR LANP continues to come on and off while driving ( including buzzer and dome lamps) I thought I could trace this odd occurance down and have tried everything I can think of at this point, Anyone out there encountered a similar problem with there truck? I have a '03 Ford Super Duty 7.3L and thus far I have replaced:

All Four Door Switches with New Ones

Instrument Cluster (from Circut Board Medics)

Relay 303 (for VSM)

Pulled Fuse 19 (for VSM)

I just dom't know where to go next, even pulling out the VSM fuse the dome light remains on. Any thoughts or suggestions"
Its really odd that it seems to be hard Right Hand Turns that triggers the Door Ajar Light and Buzzer but after driving for a bit more it just stays there in the ON poisition or illuminated along with the Dome Light.
Thanks in advance
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