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doing a big tear down on front of 7.3. what else should i replace while it's accessible? help

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2001 f350 7.3 4x4. i have had this truck a long time,, keeping it for sure,, i am doing a big tear down (for me) replacing water pump, steering box, radiator hoses, heater hoses, it has a oil leak which i want to fix and i posted pic in earlier thread. thinking of switching out all belt pulleys? what else should i do pre-emptively, while it is torn down. also doing front calipers and shocks and steering stabilizer and new belt of course.
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I'd consider a non-ebpv turbo pedestal, possibly replacing the fuel lines as it's only a matter of time before the hold downs rub a hold in them. Pretty common to see and the main reason I designed this kit.

Up pipes if they are leaking.

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