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Okay, I installed my DJM 3/5 drop kit and I am having issues with two things. :doh:
1: shackles at lowest setting hits (rubs) against bed.
2: axle sitting on bump stops on lowest setting. :mad:
I will be getting past all of this as this post is being read, I was just wondering if these were normal issues with this kit when used in it's lowest setting configuration? So I will be streatching the sheet metal on the bed up slightly to make room for the shackle. And will go pick up some direct to frame poly bump stops to replace the factory units that hang down 4 inches. There is a lip on the frame that is curved down and will be trimmed off also to alow additional travel. I have done countless other DJM kits for other vehicles and most have been very well engineered and have never had more than one issue per kit, most had no issues. I love the look combined with my 19.5's, different and meaty. Just what I had wanted! :woot:
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