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1999 wvo system overview

Tell me if i got this straight. Im trying to put a system in my 2000 PSD. What i would need for it to work efficiently and correctly are as follows:

Tank with heating element.
two Fuel filters (1 right after the tank, 1 right before the pump)
Solenoid (pump:FASS, AIRDOG, etc)
Feeds to hoses

I am uncertain on how the fuel is pushed from the tank to the filter then the FPHE then the pump and finally into the injectors.
All you will need is as follows:
A second tank
A heated fuel pickup(no need to heat entire tank)
heated fuel lines
fuel filter, better off heated, 12V like a racor 1000CF
more heated line
fuel switch, pollak 6 port valve
then fuel pump, I used my stock pump for 70k miles before it died, then upgraded to a FASS pump for $400
then more heated line tied in to fuel line at motor and coolant lines tied in at motor to heater core lines

let me know how I can help!


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#RPFA-1004 vs FA F15 090G - same WVO pump????

#RPFA-1004 vs FA F15 090G - same WVO pump????

Question regarding product #RPFA-1004 @ FASS Adjustable Veggie Oil Lift Pump Ford. Does it have a boost compensation port?

I'm trying to figure out if the pump above is really the same exact pump as FA F15 090G [email protected] @ Fass - Fuel Air Separation System. This one looks to be more of a kit, but is the pump the same. If you look @ the pic's in this installation doc for the powerstroke, you see it is the EM-1002 motor (Large motor) - like #RPFA-1004 & you see pics showing the "boost compensation port" & a "fuel pressure port".

The big question is does #RPFA-1004 have those 2 ports? I was told by Rob @ usdieselparts that FASS did chg the way this pump the pic @ FASS Adjustable Veggie Oil Lift Pump Ford. Maybe the latest version #RPFA-1004 has these ports. I can't imagine FASS making 2 different models of this difference. Fass's website above Fass - Fuel Air Separation System does NOT mention offering 1 model with it & one w/o it.....but maybe I'm missing it.

Just thought I'd bounce it off you guys. These are 2 good options in my opinion for WVO fuel pumps. I'd really like to have that boost port & fuel gauge port for only $385 & 6yr WVO warranty!
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