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2001 F250

Do-It-Yourself replacement of parking and marker lights.

The Story: I had to replace the front parking and marker light today in preparation for my annual inspection. I removed the two screws that I could see, but the unit wouldn't come free. So, I purchased a Haynes manual and that was less than helpful as it didn't answer the question that I had.... what else did I need to do, other than the two screws, to remove the unit. Well, I figured it out, and am sharing it here. I replaced the headlights while I was at it (a little hard with the batteries in there), but didn't take any pictures.

Hopefully this helps someone.



Difficultly: 1 (easy as heck)

Marker Light: 194
Parking Light: 3157
(see complete list below)

Step 1 / Image 1
Remove the two Phillips screws (The red circles that I added to the image as the camera didn't pick up the screws). The 'unit' is the entire amber portion around the headlight. It is all one part.

Step 2 / Image 2
Pull the whole unit out. Yes, there are two studs holding it in, but you just need to pull. I found it easier to pull out the bottom inside first and then the upper stud. This image shows the top stud after I pulled out the unit.

Step 3 / Image 3
After the unit is out it gets really easy..... :woot: For the parking or sidemarker lights, just turn the section, pull it out, pull the bulb out, put in a new bulb.... no kidding, huh? :doh::hehe:

Anyway, the hard part for me what not knowing that I could pull the unit out without breaking it. I don't want to pull on parts to see if they will come a part just to break something.

Step 4
Put it all back together the same way.

Image 4
With my expert skills in Photoshop (it is sad that I can do just about anything in Photoshop, but I haven't a clue how to draw a simple circle) you will see the following in the below image:
Red - the two studs
Green - Parking Light/Directional
Blue - Side Marker

Lights for your 2001 F250-550

High & low beam headlamp
9007 (replaceable halogen capsules)

Parking light

Front turn signal

Rear turn signal

Tail light

Stop light

High mount stop light

Fog/Driving light

License plate

Back up light

Front sidemarker

Glove box

Dome light

Step/Courtesy light

Trunk/Cargo area

Under hood light

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Nice write-up.
I didn't know either until I saw someone else do it.

Viking Heavy Diesel
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Thanks for the bulb list.

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Nice Writeup. Does anyone know where the fuse location is for the sidemarkers? I replaced a bulb that was bad but now that I notice it both front side markers don't work.... Just can't find the fuse....

edit: turns out the actual adapter socket is flaky!

Here is a pic:
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