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1997 Ford F350 CCLB 4X4
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I recently installed a Super Duty 7.3 Intercooler into my 97 CC OBS for under $400. Here's my build..

I cut the core support in 1" by 4" to fit the IC with no clearance issues. I wanted to have enough room to pull the boots on and off without having to pull the IC out. I also relocated the trans cooler lines into the small hole right of the IC (pic below) I made the upper brackets with flat strap and grommets into the factory mounting location of the IC

I made the bottom bracket out of some angle iron I made and 1" square tubing. I drilled 2 holes and mounted it with hardware. I live in AZ so I didn't worry about painting them lol.

I used the Factory OBS spider and cut above the y and at the turbo flange and made adapters out of exhaust tubing. The outlet of the compressor housing is only 2" so i had to flare one end up to fit 3" IC tubes.

This was the original adapter piece I made onto the spider which I ended up modifying because the flange from the turbo ran into the back of the y. I cut it at an angle and rewelded it to clearance the flange for the compressor housing outlet.

Here's the finished tubing for both sides. I ended up making them 2 piece since i wasn't able to bend the pipe tight enough to make them in 1 piece. I just used high temp engine paint.. so far no issues

If you plan on doing this project make sure you flatten the brackets for the ac condenser as well as the hood latch mount that goes down to the bottom of the core support. If you don't do this your headlight trim piece will not fit back onto the core support. I placed the trans cooler behind the IC which had enough clearance to where it wouldn't rub. Make sure your IC slants inward at the bottom to clear the hood latch and other stuff.

If you have the NAPA air filter you'll probably need to make a new 4" adapter to fit the filter back into the right location. My boot kit was 99+ kit from Amazon. I used the longer boots for the bottom and the medium length ones for the pipes. All boots are 3" diameter. So far no issues and ran up a pass into the mountains cruising 75mph and stayed under 1000 degrees. If you do this book out 2 days if your doing it alone.. took me ~15 -17 total hours. I didn't see much posts on this so I hope you get some help from this post if you plan on doing it.
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