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Dixie Strokers Pictures?

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Hey everyone, was checking out the TN strokers and noticed they had a pic thread for members recognition. Sounded like a good idea I'm gonna post up a couple if I can get'em off my cell phone. Later Whit
Thats my dually pulling in my buddy's new toy, talk about luck he gave 500 for it and had to pull the column out of another truck, we replaced the Idm and it cranked up and ran like a singer sewing machine after sitting up for the last 4 years. I'll try to get some better pics of mine when the ole' fatbottomed girl is cleaned up and dressed for the ball. Later Whit


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Oh yeah. That too.
Trans pan and filter dropped

Taking the hfcm out for the new airdog on Padres truck

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Ok. This months theme is lifting the bed and installing a fuel system picures. :rofl: Thats what im about to post.
Okay, so can next week be naked pics of x'es? :joke::sign0096:
get any pics on the harpoons?
Harpooning Padres tank

Harpooning my tank

Cleaning all of the oil off

and my transmission leak. Where it rubbed on the cross member

how we fixed it
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what did you use to cut the pipe?
a ratcheting pvc pipe cutter.
Okay, so can next week be naked pics of x'es? :joke::sign0096:
I wont tell if you dont. :lol:
Post them or PM them, but I would think hard about doing that. Then again, with some of my ex's I would have put them on billboards by their parent's house, at the time anyway.
I'll get some new pics of mine up soon :thumb:'

Grayson, I want your mirrors!
ill do the harpoon tomorrow after i get this house filter installed.
It took us about 20 minutes to do it. Not hard at all since we lifted the bed
im gonna remove the bed as well. just need to remove the tool box and bed liner.
Here are some of my pics from Boston


At Cabelas

and here is what I went up there for. A CNC wood router.

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man, that trip looks like fun.

and cisco was there too :lol:
Yep. Me and Cisco. We did it up right. :nod:
Look how pathetic Casper is

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Cause your selling the only truck he's ever known. He loves those tires.
He dont care about what I drive. As long as he can sleep on the bed then he is A- okay :lol:
Just afew pics from yesterday and also just a small fraction of drums in our collection.....

That's my dad, my 9month old nephew Brody, and myself
We all had a blast!
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