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Dixie Strokers Pictures?

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Hey everyone, was checking out the TN strokers and noticed they had a pic thread for members recognition. Sounded like a good idea I'm gonna post up a couple if I can get'em off my cell phone. Later Whit
Thats my dually pulling in my buddy's new toy, talk about luck he gave 500 for it and had to pull the column out of another truck, we replaced the Idm and it cranked up and ran like a singer sewing machine after sitting up for the last 4 years. I'll try to get some better pics of mine when the ole' fatbottomed girl is cleaned up and dressed for the ball. Later Whit


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1 - 9 of 199 Posts mean it dried out enough to wash it? You lucky joker. Later Whit
Ahh...that explains alot. Ya'll getting any snow yet?
Will do, I guess I'm gonna drive the 01 in today, winch and 4x4 just in case I need it to get back home. LOL later Whit
Hey Frog, wasn't it so much fun stripping down the front end just to get to the engine? Takes me about 2 hours just to strip enough off to be able to get to the engine on my obs. The only thing I've got thats worse than my powerstroke to pull the engine is my 01 supercrew 150. Its a pain in the posterier to pull the engine out of one of these newer trucks. Later Whit
Ok, got the dually pulling a chebbie to trade for a obs dually. My buddy did a good deal, could have driven the dually home but hauled it just for fun. I tried to buy the chebbie from him after I saw his new ride just so I could do the trade. I was hoping his new truck had 3.55 gears so I could swap out with him and get rid of my 4.10's.
And the other pics are just a little snow up at the shop.
Later Whit


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I aint never worked on one but I hear that on the newer trucks you gotta pull the entire cab off to get to the engine!
I got a 1969 F-100 with the 360 engine, I can get the engine out of that thing in about 45 minutes, heck I pulled the heads, drilled out and retapped the exhaust bolts and put it all back together in one evening before. I miss being able to climb in the engine compartment and just stand beside the engine while your working on it. They just don’t make anything like that anymore.
No they don't! I unbolt the cab and jack it up 4-6 inches at the front doors on my 01, if I had a lift I'd just pull the cab off the frame. Luckily I use a chainfall to pull my engines, couldn't use a engine hoist jacking the cab up that way. I put a 4.6 in a buddy's truck last month it had the aluminum intake so it wasn't as bad as my 5.4. Oh and I can remember pulling the 302 out of my 66 and burning my hands on the exhaust manifold putting it on the engine stand for work. Now thats how its supposed to be. Later Whit
Yall ever seen a sexier tanned bod?

Dangit Frog.....I didn't have the anitglare shield on the monitor, now I'm blind and can't go to work.............Heeeyyyyy!!! Thanks man cool no work. So you gonna get to come to the G2G? Later Whit
New trucks

E450 wouldnt start

Is that a claw hammer Goose? Dang gonna gave to bring you back to Choctaw and re teach you what tools to use.....supposed to use the hammer with the broke claws...that way you don't poke yourself in the eye. Yeah he can get to the turbo.....but thats about all!!! Later Whit....PS Oh hey ya'll
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