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Dixie Strokers Pictures?

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Hey everyone, was checking out the TN strokers and noticed they had a pic thread for members recognition. Sounded like a good idea I'm gonna post up a couple if I can get'em off my cell phone. Later Whit
Thats my dually pulling in my buddy's new toy, talk about luck he gave 500 for it and had to pull the column out of another truck, we replaced the Idm and it cranked up and ran like a singer sewing machine after sitting up for the last 4 years. I'll try to get some better pics of mine when the ole' fatbottomed girl is cleaned up and dressed for the ball. Later Whit


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Looks like it was alot of fun!
I saw my bud's step dad out in the new truck so took a pic

He likes this truck so far
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Just afew pics from yesterday and also just a small fraction of drums in our collection.....

That's my dad, my 9month old nephew Brody, and myself
We all had a blast!
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Wanting some thoughts about whether or not I should try to fix this house up or tear down and rebuild. Right now my thoughts are replace the roof and exterior walls. It has a very solid floor. I also don't know if I could work with this much room of if I need to expand alittle.

1st room as you walk in the door

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back room


I couldn't tell you how old the house is, besides old. That's why it has the name "old house." Now it's "my house" and I don't know what I'm gonna do with it. As you can see we just use it for storage.
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Oh yeah, it hardly ever get's finished in any more so hard to say how big but there are fish. Haven't saw any catfish in a long time, mostly bass or brim.
I've been playing with bing birds eye view map lately. I wish it was more up to date because alot has changed in the area. We live on my grandmothers land and the house to the left of mine belongs to her daughter, my aunt, and is also on my grandmothers land. So basically all of the land between the woods is what I would call mine.
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