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Dixie Strokers Pictures?

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Hey everyone, was checking out the TN strokers and noticed they had a pic thread for members recognition. Sounded like a good idea I'm gonna post up a couple if I can get'em off my cell phone. Later Whit
Thats my dually pulling in my buddy's new toy, talk about luck he gave 500 for it and had to pull the column out of another truck, we replaced the Idm and it cranked up and ran like a singer sewing machine after sitting up for the last 4 years. I'll try to get some better pics of mine when the ole' fatbottomed girl is cleaned up and dressed for the ball. Later Whit


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I will have to get some pics up later.
Here is one of the truck with new tires and a fresh bath

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No Mike, that picture was taken a couple months ago. :doh:
Not a bit. I bet you are getting a good amount though. Take some pics for us and post them up.
Here is our snow from today.

Casper and LeeRoy

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woot woot. Snow. :lol:
Nice. I am so ready for the beach. Supposed to be mid 60s down there this weekend.
Very nice Frog.
I want that trailer :nod:
Here is some videos from the sled pull at TS

All of these pics are from Saturday. I left my camera battery in the hotel Friday :doh:

Convoyed up there with Brad. I got to drive his truck this weekend and it is wicked fast:nod: Notice the mirrors :hehe:

Completely pointless and retarded truck.

This is all I could get of the bikini contest

This truck had to be pulled back to the trailer.

Old Skool :nod:

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Thats awesome. I have seen a few '11s driving around town
Brad Kerr. Did you ride in that truck or the one he wrecked?
Yeah, he wrecked it. Bought another one just like it though. No brush guard. Good looking Chevy
I like it too. Good people here.
We need to start some sort of monthly theme for picture posting or something
Ok. This months theme is lifting the bed and installing a fuel system picures. :rofl: Thats what im about to post.
Oh yeah. That too.
Trans pan and filter dropped

Taking the hfcm out for the new airdog on Padres truck

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