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Dixie Strokers Pictures?

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Hey everyone, was checking out the TN strokers and noticed they had a pic thread for members recognition. Sounded like a good idea I'm gonna post up a couple if I can get'em off my cell phone. Later Whit
Thats my dually pulling in my buddy's new toy, talk about luck he gave 500 for it and had to pull the column out of another truck, we replaced the Idm and it cranked up and ran like a singer sewing machine after sitting up for the last 4 years. I'll try to get some better pics of mine when the ole' fatbottomed girl is cleaned up and dressed for the ball. Later Whit


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Here are a few pics to add to the thread of old purple, there are hundreds more in my signature link if anyone cares;

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I aint never worked on one but I hear that on the newer trucks you gotta pull the entire cab off to get to the engine!
I got a 1969 F-100 with the 360 engine, I can get the engine out of that thing in about 45 minutes, heck I pulled the heads, drilled out and retapped the exhaust bolts and put it all back together in one evening before. I miss being able to climb in the engine compartment and just stand beside the engine while your working on it. They just don’t make anything like that anymore.
Here is one from 5 minutes ago (Monday 2-25 at 5:30pm)
Its snowing here right now, crazy weather and darn global warming;

Here was where I was this morning!

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Yall ever seen a sexier tanned bod?

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While we’re doing pictures, here is a pic of what I did today and it was great!

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We need to start some sort of monthly theme for picture posting or something
Ok. This months theme is lifting the bed and installing a fuel system picures. :rofl: Thats what im about to post.
Okay, so can next week be naked pics of x'es? :joke::sign0096:
I got some misc cell phone pics yall may find interesting, or not;

This one my Mom took when she was living in Alaska

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I just got a cell phone video of 2 ducks having pornographic relations but I figure I probably shouldn’t post that one. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase F*** a Duck!
Got me a quick cell phone pic of the new GN today, I gotta get the real camera and get some good pics and post them up, I love that thing.

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I finally got some pics of my new trailer;

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I guess its never to late to learn, did you let him get scope eye?
Sounds like he is lucky to have a good cousin, makes me wonder how many folks make it to adulthood without learning to properly use firearms.
I got a new pic today;
It would take a bad man to even think of molesting a gator, I aint even sure if it would be physically possible!

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I could probably spend about $5,000 and about 3 weeks and make that a nice little rental house.
Thats a good one, he probably drives better than most folks, at least most folks around here!
I wish I could make it home just one day without running into a motherless non-driving idiot.
Deeres bedded down hiding from the snow

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Thats awesome. Will they be present at the G2G?
Yep, about 30 yards away from the shooting area, the deere shed is right where we will be parking the trucks.
Anyone who wants to is welcome to take one out for a spin after a 2-3 minute operators training course.
I had one of them big broncos back when I was 17, it had the 351, Edelbrock high rise, Holley double pumper, 33” mudders. It would light up all 4 on dry pavement.
I had to sell it because I couldn't keep drive shafts and U joints in it.
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