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Dixie Strokers Introductions

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If you would like to become a member of the Dixie Strokers please introduce yourself here. Just give a little info about you and your truck. I will start.

My name is Grayson and I live in Moody which is 20 miles east of Birmingham. I work with my Dad right now doing Stained Glass Windows for Churches. I am constantly in the Greater Birmingham Area and the Alexander City/Auburn area so if you are around those places let me know so we can meet up. My truck is a white 2005 F-350 srw that is my daily driver and has the miles to prove it.:doh: I cant wait to meet everyone. Here is a picture of the truck.
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Well I am the GoFastPadre AKA Chris Solomon. I live in Mid TN, Lebanon to be exact. I am 8 Mi. South of I-40 on Cainsville Rd. I have been owned 24 years by the bestest girl in the world, her name is Allison. We have two kids Christopher 22 he and the love of his life Terra just got married June 6th and Kayla 19. I am an Ordained Baptist Preacher. I don't do a whole lot of preaching thse days. I work for RR Donnelley in Nashville as an Envelope Adjuster, a glorified mechanic that works on envelope folding equipment. I am hopelessly addicted to Powerstroke Modification, I just don't have the cash to do what I want. I will go anywhere and do anything for anybody who is in need. I have a tendancy to "help to a fault" so forgive me in advance. The Tennessee Chapter is 59 members strong now and growing. We can do the same here too!
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Well, I guess I will go ahead and join in. Don't know how much as a member I will be involved in. Family takes up alot of time and running your own business does too, but I will do what I can.

Hi, my name is Stephen, and I too am a Dieselholic from Albertville, AL. I am 37 years old, but a kid at heart. I have been married for almost 14 years to one women and the only one I have ever dated. We have 3 kids, 11yo son, 9yo daughter, and a 5yo baby boy.

I own my own auto transport business (may dad pretty much handed it over to me about 7 years ago). It's tuff, but we will make it with the good Lord's help.

I own a 2004 F350 Lariat crewcab FX4 SRW. I was bitten with the MOD bug about 3 years ago and I haven't been able to stop since then. I paid it off back in February off this year, but given how bad business was and has been, I had to borrow against it keep things going.

I am an honest hard working person who likes to help others when the occasion arises.
I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't use bad language, so go on call me a goody two shoes, it's OK. Not tootin my own horn, just lettin' ya'll know a little about me and how i am. Hope that's OK.

Well, that's about it. Great to know all you guys and look forward to meeting more of ya.
Man that is a SWEET Truck! I love that color!
I will be as constuctiove as possible. :thumb: Keith Monville aka trbo dsl had our stickers made up, Ours came out great. Tom chvybrkr81 live in Clarksville and there are all kinds of sighn places there. Robbie aka crew991 also has a guy and know of another place too. We will surely find you somethin'!
Hey guys. Most of my particulars are listed in the TN Intro thread post 2 I think. I got there ahead of Chris believe it or not.

I dropped the link so I won't have to update in multiple places. Just ordinary folks trying to get by. If you guys need help and I'm around let me know.

That is only because Eric didn't PM me about the post :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:eek:r even better because I did not pot the thread:hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:You had to get up before breakfast though didn't ya!:confused::confused::hehe::hehe::woot::woot: I will have to be more on my game I see. :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe: How many posts do you have compared to your join date :confused::confused::confused: :hehe::hehe: I am SOOOOO glad it is Friday!
I am not sure, but I am right up there with the oldest.:woot::woot::hehe::hehe: Brad or Buddy may have me by a little but not much, if any at all!
You are also welcome to join up with the Tennessee Powerstrokes as well. Just shoot me an e-mail to [email protected] if you are interested.:thumb: Oh and Welcome to the Addiction!
He is my member, get outta here!! :hehe::hehe:

So! Everyone in your chapter are mine. I was just tryin' to ne neighborly!:hehe::hehe::hehe: Wait I am your member too, how bout a little recipricatory generosity.:thumb::hehe::hehe:
Hello! I'm currently a member of the Tennessee Powerstrokes and would like to join the Dixie Strokers. I'm fairly new to the site, and have owned my Power Stroke for almost six months.

It's an early 99' F-250 7.3 4x4 Crew Cab. I've wrote my mods in my signature, so check them out! I've put about 3,000 miles on it, so it's clicked over to 190,000.

My name is Miranda. I live in east TN in the Knoxville vicinity. I'm not married and sure don't have any children. I've worked at the same place for the past 12, almost 13 years. It's a family business, motorcycle and atv sales and repair shop. I work most of the time, and enjoy it. I want to be a diesel tech or welder in the future, or I may continue the family business(I'm undecided)
My hobbies are my truck, dirt bikes, atv's, and staying in shape.
I'm probably(by reading the previous posts into this thread) the only female that has asked to be a part of this chapter. Also the youngest I believe, at 18.
I've worked since I was a kid, and so that's probably my greatest work ethic.

If anyone wants to know anything else just let me know!!
Duh we would be at a great loss without you here as well as in the TN chapter! I think you make a great addition to both! You very well may be the youngest cause I think Miss Crystal is all of 20. I am well at the top of the age range here and there at 45, 46 in November. I just gotta ask if there is a chapter discount on ATV's cause I want one..................:hehe::hehe::hehe: Welcome to this Addiction to, Goose will be by soon to add you to the list. I am meeting with our graphics guy Barry next week so logo's should be along soon.:thumb:
Just picked up an '08 F250 King's Ranch (CC, SB, 4x2) on Friday. I'm just South of B'ham in Inverness. The truck was serviced all of it's life in Cullman, so someone on this list might just know it?
Welcome to the Addiction um I mean Org and Chapter! Goose will be by to get you fixed up soon. You are also welcome to join up with us ******** in the Tennessee Powerstrokes Chapter as well.:thumb:
We are growing by leaps and bounds!! It is great to see all of the neww inductees! I am an Original Florida Cracker so it don't matter where ya been Just where ya are!! WELCOME!!:thumb:
As for the GTG I am in any time except for the 23 of Jan. We are having a Nnoxville area members meet You all are more than welcome to attend as well! You are also welcome to have dual citizenship by joining the Tennessee Powerstrokes!
He who dies with the most toys wins :dunno:

Amen to that! :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
Hello to all fellow diesel lovers. I'm Barry and live in Odenville,Al

Welcome to the Addiction um I mean Chapter Barry!!
Hello everyone...
My name is Jon Berry, I live in scottsboro al. I have a 2000 F-350, im new to the diesel world and have learned alot on this site... my truck has a 10' lift with 38' toyo open countrys... 5' straight pipe.. edge juice with attitude.. still goin strong with 266,000 miles!!

Welcome to the Addiction!!
Welcome to the Addiction um I mean Chapter to all of our new members!

Greg lets see a pic of that bad boy!
Ha i know what u mean i bought my sct about a week after getting my truck and im already wanting more :icon_ford:

Let me know when you need Head Studs. I have the connection to a smokin' deal.
Welcome to your newest Addiction Bud! If you don't mind some no count ******** we would welcome you into the Tennessee powerstrokes Chapter as well!
Hey Goose you need to get a mod to rename this thread................... Dixie Strokers Chat 2:poke:sofa::punk:
Hey guys my name is Shawn Tidwell i am 21 years old and im from Jasper Alabama just north of bham. i work on a farm and i drive a 04 white f250 6.0 i dont have much done to it just a single 8'' stack,kumo road ventures, and smoked lights but soon to be more.Thats about it lookin forward to joining.

Hey Bud Welcome to the Addiction um I mean Chapter!! Goose is out of town, but he will be back soon and he will get you all set up as an official member. I am the defacto sticker guy so So shoot me an e-mail with your address and we will get things going to get you stickered up!
Hey Bud you are gonna fit in with this bunch fine! Especially if you also love dogs! Glad you have narrowed down your problem. I hope this finally gives you some releif, I would not want to swap a trans that many times either..........:thumb:
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