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Dixie Strokers Introductions

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If you would like to become a member of the Dixie Strokers please introduce yourself here. Just give a little info about you and your truck. I will start.

My name is Grayson and I live in Moody which is 20 miles east of Birmingham. I work with my Dad right now doing Stained Glass Windows for Churches. I am constantly in the Greater Birmingham Area and the Alexander City/Auburn area so if you are around those places let me know so we can meet up. My truck is a white 2005 F-350 srw that is my daily driver and has the miles to prove it.:doh: I cant wait to meet everyone. Here is a picture of the truck.
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dude, is your avatar a goped cooler?
:thumb::thumb: We needed more beer so.......
Welcome and I got you set up on our member list, Chris. :thumb:
Ive got everything updated:thumb:
Welcome Skywalker. Hang around and you will learn more than you could imagine!
You can right click on the logo in my sig and 1) Click save as to save it on your comp. Then upload it to photobucket. or 2) you can right click and select properties. Then copy the url and paste it in your sig with the wrapped around it.
Welcome Justin! Were glad to have you and I will add you to the member list. Check out our other threads and feel free to post in them.
You are also welcome to join up with the Tennessee Powerstrokes as well. Just shoot me an e-mail to [email protected] if you are interested.:thumb: Oh and Welcome to the Addiction!
He is my member, get outta here!! :hehe::hehe:
So! Everyone in your chapter are mine. I was just tryin' to ne neighborly!:hehe::hehe::hehe: Wait I am your member too, how bout a little recipricatory generosity.:thumb::hehe::hehe:
Hello! I'm currently a member of the Tennessee Powerstrokes and would like to join the Dixie Strokers. I'm fairly new to the site, and have owned my Power Stroke for almost six months.

It's an early 99' F-250 7.3 4x4 Crew Cab. I've wrote my mods in my signature, so check them out! I've put about 3,000 miles on it, so it's clicked over to 190,000.

My name is Miranda. I live in east TN in the Knoxville vicinity. I'm not married and sure don't have any children. I've worked at the same place for the past 12, almost 13 years. It's a family business, motorcycle and atv sales and repair shop. I work most of the time, and enjoy it. I want to be a diesel tech or welder in the future, or I may continue the family business(I'm undecided)
My hobbies are my truck, dirt bikes, atv's, and staying in shape.
I'm probably(by reading the previous posts into this thread) the only female that has asked to be a part of this chapter. Also the youngest I believe, at 18.
I've worked since I was a kid, and so that's probably my greatest work ethic.

If anyone wants to know anything else just let me know!!
Welcome! Im glad you made it over here! I will get you added to the members list. If you have any questions let me know:thumb:
Free ATVs for all chapter members! Wow thats a great deal! I think I just picked my fav member lol :woot:
Thats what im talking about! lol At least now I know who to call if my Rincon breaks :nod:
You have a Rincon? I love those...super smooth ride, and it will go anywhere!:thumb:
Yeah I do. I love it.
Yeah, they rock. Honda makes some of the best atv's ever made. In my opinion at least.
:nod::nod: I put 10k miles on my rancher before I sold it and it still is running
These bad boys will go through anything! They are ITP Mud Lites
See less See more
I've seen a whole bunch of those over the years there Goose....those are the best mud.. aggressive tire there is.
I love these tires. I had some ITP tires on my rancher and they lasted for ever
Those tires will last for a very long time! Do you have the Electronic Shift on yours?
Yes. It has the electronic shift and automatic. You can pick which one you want to use.
hey guys how close are yall located to birmingham?
Im pretty close. About 20 minutes east.

Moody, Al - Google Maps
:welcome1: I got you added to the list. :thumb:
Welcome to the Dixie Strokers. Ill get you added to the members list.
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