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Dixie Strokers Introductions

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If you would like to become a member of the Dixie Strokers please introduce yourself here. Just give a little info about you and your truck. I will start.

My name is Grayson and I live in Moody which is 20 miles east of Birmingham. I work with my Dad right now doing Stained Glass Windows for Churches. I am constantly in the Greater Birmingham Area and the Alexander City/Auburn area so if you are around those places let me know so we can meet up. My truck is a white 2005 F-350 srw that is my daily driver and has the miles to prove it.:doh: I cant wait to meet everyone. Here is a picture of the truck.
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Hey guys. Most of my particulars are listed in the TN Intro thread post 2 I think. I got there ahead of Chris believe it or not.

I dropped the link so I won't have to update in multiple places. Just ordinary folks trying to get by. If you guys need help and I'm around let me know.
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