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Dixie Strokers Introductions

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If you would like to become a member of the Dixie Strokers please introduce yourself here. Just give a little info about you and your truck. I will start.

My name is Grayson and I live in Moody which is 20 miles east of Birmingham. I work with my Dad right now doing Stained Glass Windows for Churches. I am constantly in the Greater Birmingham Area and the Alexander City/Auburn area so if you are around those places let me know so we can meet up. My truck is a white 2005 F-350 srw that is my daily driver and has the miles to prove it.:doh: I cant wait to meet everyone. Here is a picture of the truck.
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I’m the frog man, I live in the great north between Huntsville and Decatur about 3 miles from I-65 exit 334.

I’m 34 and have a wonderful wife and 1 daughter (15) and 3 step sons (16,17,20) and 2 grandchildren

I used to be an industrial multicraft maintenance man but now I run my own construction company specializing in just about everything, mostly commercial remodeling jobs on the local military base.

My truck is an early 99, I bought it over 5 years ago and it started breaking shortly there after. I have done all of the work myself including totally rebuilding the engine.
Right now my hobby is antique John Deere tractors.

I like to try and help folks, particularly folks who aint scared to work.
Welcome aboard Padre, please feel free to share anything you have learned from the TN chapter that you think might help us out too.
Thanks for joining up with us lower latitude folks.
Welcome Matt, I too am a Christian and proud of it. I also was an industrial maintenance man for around 15 years before I started my own contracting/construction company last year. I started out as a mechanic then became multicraft then moved into electrical engineering playing with PLC’s, then got fired because my new smelly French boss couldn’t get along with me. If you ever need any help give me a holler.
Welcome Skywalker. Hang around and you will learn more than you could imagine!
Goose, don’t be too nice to him, he’s the SOB that I spent 17 hours getting his truck back home last weekend. Just kiddin, I know he would have done it for me and probably will in the future.
names will. glad to be here already a member with tennessee powerstrokes. new to the game but learnin a little more every day.can wait to start moddin...
Welcome, tell us about yourself like where you stays and what you dos.
2/99, mine is a 3/98, Is 2/99 still an early 99?
I think the cut off date is 12/98?

I guess if I had thought about it and read the rest of your sig then I’d realized that yours is a 99.5 because of the Zoodad and the foil delete.
I got to figuring it up and if I’m countin right I got 15 batteries, 22 galloons of oil, 10 oil filters, 48 gallons antifreeze, and 74 tires to keep up with. Not to mention all of the hydro fluid and gear dope and etc…. and that’s just the maintenance side of it.
Why do we do these things to ourselves?
Hey Strokers,
My name is Patrick Greenwell and I live in Decatur, Alabama.
Hey Patrick, I live in Priceville which is a Decatur address. I own my own small construction company and work primarily on the Arsenal. Nice to have another North Al boy on the board.
harley1rocker, glad to see another old guy join up, we need all we can get.
I’m going to be down in your part of the world this weekend, the wife planned some sort of trip to Alexander city to a B&B and some sort of civil war reenactment.
Alex City, heh? Yall staying at the Mistletoe? Try out Cecil's why you are there. Pretty good pork chops.
I just asked the wife and she said that it is the Mistletoe place, she has gotten on this B&B kick lately, we stayed in one in Montevallo a few weeks ago.
Her happiness is my number one goal in life.
Okay I got the official details now, the wife said it is horse shoe bend national park and it is a 2 day event recreating the war of 1812 battle that happened there.
hobe Events - 196th Anniversary of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Welcome, I live in the Huntsville area, when your down this way give me a hollar and we'll do lunch or something.
Welcome Blake
Welcome to the group, sounds like you got one heck of a truck there, and your luck with it sounds similar to mine. I’ve been repairing mine for around 7 years now.
Hi Tim,
Many moons ago I started out life as a Bobcat and Forklift mechanic, mobile equipment maintenance man at a large foundry. I miss it but not enough to try it again.
Maybe you can come to our next get together;
Welcome, early 99 or 99.5?
You gonna bring it and come to the target practice GTG last weekend of Feb?
Welcome, its great to have some more presence from the best part of the state!
Thats a great looking truck, thanks for checking us out. We need more active members
Glad to have you.
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