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Dixie Strokers Contact Info

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If you want to have everyone's contact info and everyone have yours, PM it to me and I will email it to you. Send me Name, email, phone#, and location at minimum. Send more info if you want. This is for if we need help on the road, or we get lost in a someones area, etc....

I will give this a week or so before I send the emails out.
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PM me again please.
bumping this up
bump for more info.
I sent ya mine
bumping this up one last time before I send the emails out
Email sent. Let me know if you need the info
Will yall do me a favor and send me your info to my email? Ive been having computer issues and would like to have a backup on Yahoos sever. :lol:

My email is Graysonbarnes at yahoo. Thanks
I have really really slacked on this. I am going to try to get it back up to par.
1 - 9 of 11 Posts
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